Ferox Reports

Overview of Reports found in Ferox

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Ferox Reporting

General Sales
  • Do you need a review of your sales, costs, GP's and GP%? Ferox offers you the option to get sales by Stock, Division, Sales Person or Branch.
General Sales
General Sales
Customer Statements
  • Send and/or Print all customer statements with the option to include each customer's invoices.
  • Customize your statement message to send to the customer according to the ageing status.
Customer Statement
Customer Statements
Customer Ageing
  • The Customer Ageing Report enables you to retrieve a detailed list of customers, sorted by the ageing periods: Current, 30 days, 60 Days, 90 Days, and 120 Days.
  • View a detailed and accurate graph of your ageing report!
Customer Ageing Report
Customer Ageing
Debtor Balances
  • The Debtor Balance Report gives a basic list of all your customers and their outstanding balances, with a summary of your debit and credit amounts.
Debtors Balance
Debtors' Balance
Suggested Orders and Supplier Purchase History
  • Ferox's Supplier Purchase History gives you a detailed report of Orders placed for a selected Supplier whether it is during all Financial periods or for a selected period.
  • The Supplier Purchase History report gives you the option to filter orders places according to Group, Type, and Brand with a summary of the total Purchases done.
  • Our Suggested Orders report allows you to generate a new purchase order calculated by your sales and purchase history of a specified Group, Type, and Brand.
  • These orders are calculated after a specific period of sales of your stock items were processed.
Supplier Purch History
Supplier Purchase History
Suggested Orders
Top & Bottom Products and Serial Item Status
  • Ferox offers you a report which you can use to view which of your products are top performers and which are not so great.
  • You can specify the number of products you want to add to your list of top or bottom sellers and once again sort them according to Group, Type, and Brand.
  • Our Serial Item Status report gives you the option to view Serial items currently Invoiced, Available for Sale, On a Credit Claim Voucher and Dispatched.
  • The Report enables you to set an item status as AVAILABLE, INVOICED, or DISPATCHED
Top&Bottom Products
Top & Bottom Products
Serial Item Status
Serial Item Status
Cash Up Reports
  • Get your everyday cash up with the Cash Up Report. It is a detailed report of each transaction done for your work day or you can get a cash up by date to review previous days' transactions.
  • You can now Print your cash up ordered either by Payment Type or by Cash Drawer.
  • Ferox's CashUp Recon function enables you to do an accurate cash up for the day, matching cash, card, and more types of sales with transactions captured in Ferox.
Cash Up Report
Cash Up Report
Cash Up Recon
Cash Up Recon