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Introduction to Ferox Core Functionality

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Ferox Core Inventory

Departments and Warehouse Maintenance
  • Configure all the departments and warehouses within your business.
  • Grant yourself all the control to know the whereabouts of each of your stock items.
Warehouse Maintenance
Warehouse and Department
Inventory Maintenance
  • Maintain each individual stock item. Ferox Enables you to view the Par Stock Level, and adjust your Costing and Pricing to suite your business needs.
  • View every transaction ever completed for each item in the History tab. Plan how and when to order with the Stock Item Movement Statistics.
  • Ferox owns a feature for you to maintain each Group, Type or Brand individually with our Inventory Code Maintenance.
Inventory Maintenance
Inventory Maintenance
Inventory Costing
Costing and Pricing
Inventory Statistics
Item Movement Statistics
Inventory Code Maintenance
Inventory Code Maintenance
  • Keep all the needed information regarding your company's suppliers, with a full History of placed orders as well as goods received from each supplier.
  • Create new orders, GRV's, Credit Claim Vouchers etc with shortcuts within the supplier's profile.
  • Process any outstanding payments with a full statement and ageing resource.
Supplier Maintenance
Supplier Maintenance
Supplier History
Supplier Transaction History
Supplier Statements
Supplier Statement
Supplier Item Supplied
Supplier Items Supplied
  • Ferox enables you to manage each of your customer's accounts with sufficient data. Send detailed statements to your customer and view each transaction completed for the account.
  • Process customer payments from within the profile whether you want to take an account payment or by invoice.
Customer Maintenance
Customer Maintenance
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